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WrapperPrescription Synchronization Program

Save time and trouble by having all your prescriptions refilled on the same day each month. Everything is handled for you, and you only make one trip to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions. It's easy and convenient!

You choose an appointment day
the date each month you wish to pick up all your prescriptions. A week or so prior to this appointment day, you will receive a call from your pharmacy to confirm which prescriptions you want to fill.

Your pharmacist will review your prescription list
each month, monitor changes after your doctor or hospital visits, and check for possible drug interactions. Best of all, you will have time to talk with your pharmacist and ask any questions you may have about your medications.

You receive free consultations
, the convenience of a single monthly trip to the pharmacy, and freedom from worries about forgetting to call for your refills or running out of your medications.

Synchronize your prescriptions. Simplify your life

  • Special Medication Packaging
  • Taking medication at the right time throughout the day is an important part of gaining the full benefit of your medication regimen. Do you or your loved one have trouble keeping up with your doctor's orders?

    In addition to watching our for drug interactions and suggesting alternative medicines, City Drug Store offers another important service to patients and their caregivers with multiple medications.

    At your request, we will package your medication in easy-to-use blister packs clearly labeled by date and time so you or the person for whom you are caring can take medication on time and in the correct dose. Blister, or "Compliance" packaging simplifies medication therapy by taking the counting and sorting out of your daily routine. Patients simply open the day/time on the package and take the dose prepared by your pharmacist.

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